The most successful toothpaste and gum I have found so far

The truth is that I have been looking for a natural and vegan toothpaste for quite some time, but it’s just too hard to find. I have already tried the Himalaya toothpaste, and it is indeed good but I still felt it was time to keep looking for something even less commercialized.  It had me wondering – do we in western society take real good care of our teeth or are we just looking for the simplest and easiest solution? and with this question I went out in search.

I found a therapeutic toothpaste in Netanya but I have not yet been able to travel there, maybe later I will try it too. Then about two months ago I was exposed to one of the campaigns of the boutique company Spirulina full Life which produces and dispenses vegan products from nature and there my eyes saw this one – “Natural Toothpaste and Gums. So first of all, I really liked the reference to the word “gums”. On what of the ointments is this word written? After all, the gums are the part that connects the teeth to the mouth, they are the foundation and their health is extremely important. The way I saw it, I said it was toothpaste for me.

I purchased it on the site and tried it for the first time. I will be honest, need to get used to. Because we are so used to all the industrialized ointments that fill our mouths with a mint flavor bomb and chemicals that are not healthy for us. But this is a real ointment, as toothpaste really should be. It contains what our mouth really needs, without false additions – toothpaste from Dead Sea salts and herbal ingredients only, concentrated and extremely effective. It does not contain harmful components that come from the oil, chemicals and toxins industry nor does it contain fluoride. So what is there in it that is good for us? 65% Dead Sea salts and essential oils: lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, mint. When brushing, you should also massage the gums gently, it stimulates the blood and maintains the entire mouth area. After once or twice you will already see the change – the teeth are brighter, whiter and in general the feeling of after brushing improves miraculously.

It is not cheap, and certainly not like the usual ointments that are within touching distance, but ordering one of these at a Spirulina site with two weeks is not a big hassle, especially since it is about preserving one of the organs that are most important to us, aesthetically, visually and of course health.

Highly recommend 😎

Price: 42 NIS

Click to purchase

And here you can watch a video of Spirulina explaining about this amazing product

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